Caribbean Elevator Co. Ltd is the sole distributor of Otis Elevator we cater to all aspect of the vertical transportation industry, we help to make your vertical transportation life more easier. Caribbean Elevator Co. Ltd has being in business in the Bahamas for more than 40year proving exceptional elevator maintenance and repairs service to client from the eastern end of the Bahamas all the way to western End of the Bahamas.


Our slogan made to make you move and we stand by the Otis Brand and commitment to providing an exceptional service throughout the Bahamas. Our Industry Reliable and safe residential elevators Home is where people want to feel safe.


At Otis, we take that to the next level with our understanding of residential buildings. Designs from standard to custom, there is no compromise on quality at any cost point, knowing that the goal is to have a safe, reliable mode of transportation for buildings where people live.

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Fast response and transparent communication also come standard with our service packages catered for the residential building. Sustainable elevators Residential elevators are available with the latest energy-efficient features built in.


Sustainable modernization upgrade packages are also available for existing elevators. Otis is committed to technology that reduces our impact on the planet, this is true for all of our Otis equipment including those designed specifically with your residential buildings in mind. Escalators and elevators that flow Otis understands that the quality of each visit is important to customer retention and perception.


Design options are available to allow for a unique and attractive atmosphere throughout the store or shopping center, allowing for a seamless look from the entrance through the merchandise floors. Brand considerations and building design can be taken into account in almost unlimited ways.


Escalators and elevators that are safe At Otis, safety is our first priority. We know that achieving superior comfort backed by a trusted brand gives customers a sense of confidence as they travel through your retail environment. Design and software tools are available to achieve these goals in your transit needs.

Elevators to save time Office environments have unique needs around time. Otis is prepared to help manage planning for the morning, lunch, and afternoon rush with a myriad of tools around destination management and control. The result is a direct influence on productivity of workers and companies in your buildings. All while allowing them to ride in an attractive environment in their home away from home.


Elevators to save space Otis is committed to help you design for your custom environment. Reducing the footprint of elevators in a commercial office building equals more free space for tenants and their work space needs. Smaller size does not mean sacrificing ride quality or door operation.


Elevators seamlessly working behind the scenes Hospitals and healthcare buildings are crucial and must be up and running 24/7. Otis is committed to providing products and service to ensure that the elevator is there when you need it. We cherish our first responders too. Digital innovation in luxury elevators Hotels and resorts have the unique need of being a place to relax while away from home.


Otis has custom options for all scenarios, starting with innovative destination management software transforming the guest service facilities in hotels, with mobile room keys, digital check in, room selection possibilities and online concierge apps. This allows for a memorable experience between the guest and hotel staff at all levels. Customization for unique elevators A smaller elevator footprint means more guest rooms, and with Otis elevators you can trust you are still providing a good experience at any size.

Options for almost unlimited configurations are available for both space and usage. Design is never compromised and brand aesthetics can be configured along with space. Premium elevator and escalator experience Otis has tailored experience building out custom solutions for multi-use buildings.


Whether it’s a combination of office, retail, and residential spaces, including hotel and resort areas, Otis can help you create solutions and protocols to dispatch passengers with different objectives safely in the same building. Always available & accessible elevators and escalators In public spaces, passenger mobility is always on.


Otis is committed to allowing for 100% accessibility in all solutions. In addition, our products are built to withstand heavy traffic during peak travel hours. To further underly the commitment to always-on, fast fixing service packages are available for 24/7 repairs to avoid jeopardizing flow in this crucial infrastructure.


Code Compliant Specifications Available Otis understands that having access to technical specifications upfront is critical when building out new solutions or trying to update and modernize existing infrastructure

Caribbean Elevator Co. Ltd
Caribbean Elevator Co. Ltd
Caribbean Elevator Co. Ltd
Caribbean Elevator Co. Ltd